Lost in the woods in the cold and the dark…

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Lost in the woods, Ada finds a magic window in a tree. A window into another world! The dwarves invite her in, and Ada gladly accepts. Once inside the dwarf world, however, Ada is trapped there by a tragic mistake: Lithglib, one of her diminutive new friends, has accidentally broken the Calix, the silver cup that is the source of the dwarves’ magic and the world’s balance. Now forests grow dark, animals transform into monsters, and earthquakes threaten to tear the world apart. If Ada ever hopes to return home, she must accompany her new dwarf friends, a guilty Lithglib and his ridiculous friend Racket, on their quest to fix the cup before the world is destroyed–and if possible, help Lithglib find redemption.


Praise for A Window in an Unlikely Place

“This an amazing book I would highly recommend to anyone–especially book-loving children. (I am eleven.) It is filled with exciting moments and is worded very well. Buy this book if you feel ready to step inside of a world filled with little girls, dwarves, and frightening beasts! Maybe it will help you know what to do if you ever see a window in an unlikely place.


“A Window in an Unlikely Place is a fun and thrilling piece of fantasy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it for all ages! Here is what my daughter Anna, age 10, has to say about it: ‘It was really, really good! The author (Travis Lambert) needs to write some more books. It was a 10 out of 10. It has dwarves, goblins, giants, monsters, magic. It has some sad moments, but it has lots of adventure and great friendships. I can’t wait for the next book!!'”


“I am a great fan of C.S. Lewis, and after buying this book and reading it (straight through without putting it down!) I think the next C.S. Lewis is on the horizon! An absolutely delightful story that I want to read to all my grandkids.”


“A well spun story with an allegorical basis. This book will be great for children and developing in them a thirst for reading. Written easy enough for children to enjoy and understand and still throws in enough ‘big’ words to expand their vocabulary! This book would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer or a gift for any other reason!”

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