The Esper: Fan-Fiction Novel Contest Submission



I submitted a fan-fiction novel I wrote many years ago to an online contest.  Head on over to to read and vote up The Esper, my novelization of Final Fantasy VI, which has received enthusiastic reviews on

“Very, Very, VERY good…. I see there’s a few people who’ve adapted novels from the games and I’ve taken to collecting them recently. This is the only one I’ve found that is up to the caliber of an actual commercial novel.” – Team Wingless


“I came to the end of the chapter and literally jaw-dropped. I finished this in about four days, and it was a riveting story. You write more than well, it is magnificent.” – Platerair Queen


“Beautifully written. Your descriptions of every event, most notably the battle at Narshe, were absolutely brilliant. The creative liberties that you took simply enhanced the original story…. And the thoughts, feelings and descriptions you attributed to each character made them come alive.” – The Wumbologist





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