Children of Atom

Fallout 3 screenshot
Fallout 3 screenshot

I’ve started writing a fan-fiction novel set in the world of Fallout 3 for fun and for practice.  It’s called Children of Atom but it’s not written for children and I wouldn’t let them read it.  Although I’m writing this for the enjoyment of it, it will certainly contain some serious themes and harsh realities more suited to an adult audience.  I’m going to publish each chapter as I write it, and I believe has a feature which allows you to receive notifications whenever a new chapter is published.

In the way of serious works, I have finished writing my next book, The Fallacious Book of Fables, which teaches logic through fairy-tales, and am presently working with an amazing artist from the Philippines whom I have contracted to illustrate it.  Check out some of her other work.


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